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Restore your missing teeth with immediate dental implants in London

For many years, dental implants have been a viable tooth replacement option for patients who have lost teeth. Traditional dental implants involve securing the implant into the jawbone, followed by a tooth restoration after a few months. This time is needed for the implant to attach itself to the jawbone and create a strong and stable foundation for replacement teeth. However, the obvious disadvantage of this process is that it leaves the patients without replacement teeth for many weeks, or even months.

Immediate Dental Implants in LondonIn recent years, implant dentistry has evolved considerably and now patients can have their missing teeth replaced from root to crown in a day with immediate dental implants in London. At Moor Park Dental, we are proud to offer this innovative technique that can save patients a lot of waiting time.

How do immediate dental implants work?

Immediate dental implants work just like any dental implants, with the exception that the procedure lasts only a few hours. In certain cases, immediate loading implant procedures are considered to be a better option than regular implants. Immediate load implants are exposed to chewing and biting immediately after implantation. However, immediate dental implants in London may vary from same-day implants to a shortly-delayed loading (usually three days to one week) as the creation of a replacement crown may be delayed.

Who can have immediate dental implants?

Although immediate load implants are gaining popularity among patients, they are not an ideal option for everyone. There are cases where immediate dental implants cannot be performed without serious risk of failure. On the one hand, there is a minimum amount of bone that is required for installation and the implant has to be in a position in the mouth to resist a minimum of chewing force. For a single dental implant, the dentist has to adjust the temporary crown in a manner to avoid any kind of excessive force on it and patients have to be careful not to put too much force on the implant.

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