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Oral Surgery

A Specialist in Oral Surgery is a dentist who has developed the necessary skills for treating the more difficult (or complex) and challenging cases.

Why has my Dentist referred me to a Specialist?

A specialist is adept at the more technical challenges for pre-implant removal of teeth. This ensures that there will be adequate bone available for your Implant Specialist to place the implant.

Traditionally, oral surgery has been a hospital based specialism. However, we are now able to offer the same expertise in a practice based environment, at a convenient time for you, with the one to one care a private practice offers.

What can I expect at my first visit?

As opposed to a hospital referral, most patients can be seen and treated at the same visit. The procedure you have been referred for is mainly performed under local anaesthesia (injection in the mouth only). However, intravenous sedation facilities are also available for anxious patients but this will require a prior consultation. Let us know if you would like further details.

Please come prepared for the treatment, although there are sometimes mitigating circumstances that will preclude your treatment from being done on the day. You should continue to take any regular medication as normal, though for certain medications, e.g. Warfarin, we ask you to check with your referring dentist or contact us at the specialist centre. Please remember to bring your completed medical history form with you to your appointment.

If you are having local anaesthesia, you will be able to drive home after the treatment, however some people may prefer to bring an escort with them just in case the procedure is difficult. Please ensure you organise your social activities for that evening and the following day accordingly and it may be advisable to delay any foreign travel for a week.

What happens after the treatment?

You will be discharged from our practice on the day (if you have been referred by a dentist outside of our practice) with a full set of written instructions and an emergency contact number.

Generally, no follow up is required, though should you experience any problems we would be happy to see you again. If you are one of our existing patients, or a patient of our Implant Specialist, we will arrange your next appointment.

What are the costs of treatment?

A written estimate of your proposed treatment will be sent to you prior to your appointment. If you have not received our estimate, please contact us. We do ask for payment at the end of the visit.