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Orthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry which involves alignment and bite correction utilising fixed or removable braces in adults and children.

Why has my Dentist referred me to a Specialist?

Bhavin is a GDC registered Orthodontic Specialist. A Specialist in Orthodontics is a dentist who has undertaken specialist postgraduate training leading to the award of the Membership in Orthodontics (Morth). Diagnosis and treatment planning for complex Orthodontic problems are best carried out by an Orthodontic Specialist.

Orthodontic FAQs in Northwood

There are a number of potential benefits including:

  • Alignment of the teeth
  • A better functioning bite
  • An enhanced dental and facial appearance
  • Improved self-confidence and self esteem
  • Facilitate other restorative work for example, optimising the space available for implant
    placement or alignment of teeth prior to veneers/crowns, so that less enamel reduction is needed.
The alternatives to Orthodontic treatment for mild misalignment problems, are tooth coloured build-ups, veneers or crowns to mask the irregularity. In most cases, this would involve some tooth preparation/enamel reduction. Comprehensive bite correction is generally not possible without Orthodontic treatment.
Once Orthodontic treatment has been completed, you will be provided with a removable and/or a fixed bonded retainer. In the vast majority of cases, wearing retainers is recommended, at least on a part-time basis, for the long term to prevent relapse of tooth movements achieved with Orthodontics. You will have the opportunity to see retainer types at your consultation visit.
The cost of Orthodontic treatment will depend on the severity of your Orthodontic problem and the type of Orthodontic appliance used. An estimate of your treatment will be provided at your first visit. The definitive treatment fee will be given once Bhavin has taken the necessary records and provided a detailed treatment plan. Payment may be paid in full at the beginning of treatment or paid in instalments throughout the duration of the treatment.
At your first consultation visit, you will have the opportunity to express your primary Orthodontic concerns. Bhavin will carry out an Orthodontic assessment and discuss possible treatment options involving braces and estimated length of treatment. You will be shown before and after treatment photos and types of braces available that would suit your treatment needs. A definitive treatment plan and report to your dentist will be provided once full records including radiographs, study models and clinical photographs have been taken at the following visit.

Clinical Cases