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Fee & Finances

Last Updated on June 20, 2024
Consultation excl. Intraoral radiographsfrom £175
CT Scanfrom £205
Detailed Treatment Planning (for multiple units and full mouth rehabilitation)from £315
Single implant including restoration (includes study models and radiographs but not with temporisation)from £3,595
Immediate implant placementfrom £2,950
Bone graftingfrom £1,085
Sinus tenting procedurefrom £755
Sinus graftingPOA
OPGfrom £109
Intraoral radiographsfrom £29
New Adult Assessmentfrom £99 + X-Rays
Diagnostic Modelsfrom £79
Small Radiographfrom £29
OPGfrom £109
Hygienist Visitfrom £127
Adults Recall Exam (over 18 years old) (x-rays not included)from £85
Child Exam – Under 5 years oldfrom £35 + X-Rays
Child Exam – 5 – 12 years old£49 + X-Rays
Child Exam – 12 – 18 years oldfrom £49 + X-Rays
Tooth coloured fillingsfrom £269 – £469
High aesthetic fillingsfrom £379 – £579
Single Crownfrom £1,019
Crown Post and Corefrom £195
Crown for a complex casefrom £1,095
High aesthetic crown or veneerfrom £1,315
Full Denturefrom £1,325
Partial Acrylic Denturefrom £939
Partial Cobalt Chrome Denturefrom £1,819
Home Whiteningfrom £499
New patient consultation (Including all radiographs and full report)from £205
Non-surgical therapy – Simplefrom £615
Non-surgical therapy – Complexfrom £855
Non-Surgical Therapy with Laser – Simplefrom £949
Non-Surgical Therapy with Laser – Complexfrom £1,375
Maintenance reviews (Including radiographs and report)from £205
Periodontal SurgeryPOA
OPGfrom £109
Intraoral radiographsfrom £29
Treatment Cost
Consultations from £149 + X-Rays
Treatment Cost
Botulinum Toxin Treatment 1 area Facial from £265
2 areas Facial from £345
3 areas Facial from £419
Additional area from £50
Neck or decoltage from £120
Hyperhydrosis from £450
Dermal Filler Lip enhancement 1.00ml from £335
Lip enhancement 0.50ml from £275
Rejuvenation treatment with perfechta complement from £275
Cheek and Chin Price Per Consultation
Dermaroller Treatment (a total of 3-4 sessions may be required with 6-8 week intervals) can be combined with perfechta complement at an additional cost of £120 per area Face from £335
Face and Neck from £445
Neck/Face/Décolletage from £555
Hands from £245
Consultation excl. radiographsfrom £95
Incisor/Caninefrom £810
Pre-Molarfrom £1,100.00
Molarfrom £1,255.00
Single File Use (Additional cost for endodontic files with regards to single use of instruments as advised by UK Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee (SEAC) May 2006)from £69
Apicectomyfrom £885
OPGfrom £109
Intraoral radiographsfrom £29
Inhalation Sedationfrom £355
Intravenous Sedationfrom £355
Treatment Cost
CT Scan (1 jaw) from £205
CT Scan (both jaws) from £355
Treatment Cost
Standard Hygiene visit from £127
Treatment Cost
Consultation excl. radiographs* from £225
Follow up/review from £115
Other Services POA
Extractions from £389
Surgical removal of Wisdom Teeth from £485
Removal of Lesions of the Mouth (Biopsy) (fee includes surgery, histology and review) from £579
Removal of Lesions of Face and Neck (fee includes surgery, histology and review) from £639
Removal of cysts of the jaws from £785
Exposure of impacted Canine from £359
Exposure of impacted Canine and gold chain from £525
General anesthesia as day surgery or inpatients at Clementine Churchill Hospital, Spire Thames Valley, Princes Margaret Hospital, BMI Chiltern Hospital and St John & St Elizabeth Hospital Directly charged by the hospital from £2,039
Intra Oral radiographs from £29 per film
OPG from £109 per film

*If treatment is carried out at the same visit, the fee may by waived

Treatment Cost
Consultation excl. radiographs* from £95
Extractions from £359 – £535
Wisdom teeth from £359 – £535
Impacted Lower Wisdom £535
Other services POA
Sedation from £370
OPG from £109
Intraoral radiographs from £29

*If treatment is carried out at the same visit, the fee may by waived

Initial Consultation: Includes up to 2 radiographs, Ohi and dietary advicefrom £149
Restorations – All Teethfrom £315
Restorations – Temporaryfrom £59
Restorations – Fissure Sealants£49
Stainless Steel Crownsfrom £395
Pulp Therapies: Pulpotomy (price does not include a restoration)from £349
Pulp Therapies: Pulpectomy (price does not include a restoration)from £425
Sedationfrom £335
Routine Examinationfrom £149
Emergency Consultation£179 + treatment
Intra Oral Radiographsfrom £29
Flouride (application)from £45
OPGfrom £109
Extractions: All Teethfrom £239
Adult Consultation (excluding X-rays)from £149
Child Consultation (excluding X-rays)from £149
OPGfrom £109
Lateral Cephalogramfrom £109
Diagnostic records for interdisciplinary tx planning (incl. X-rays)£275
Removable Orthodontic Appliancefrom £1,095
Functional Appliancefrom £1,975
Fixed Metal – Single archfrom £3,295
Fixed Metal – Both archesfrom £5,495
Fixed Ceramic – Single archfrom £4,395
Fixed Ceramic – Both archesfrom £6,595
Invisalign Lite (simple cases up to 14 aligners)from £5,495
Invisalign Comprehensive – Both Archesfrom £6,595
Fixed Retainer (per arch)from £275
Removable Retainer (per arch)from £165
Sports Mouth Guardfrom £215
Post treatment review (retainer check)from £69
Treatment Cost
Consultation excl. radiographs from £175
CBCT Scan (per jaw) from £205
Detailed Treatment Planning (for multiple units and full mouth rehabilitation) from £315
Single implant including restoration (includes study models and radiographs but not with temporisation) from £3,585
Bone grafting £1,085
Sinus tenting procedure from £755
Sinus grafting POA
OPG from £109
Intraoral radiograph from £29


0% payment plans available. Moor Park Dental always likes to put you first and knows that sometimes it is better to spread the cost of your treatment than have to find the money all in one go. From Gum disease to dental implants, if you are considering treatment with us you might be interested in the 0%* payment plans we offer to fund your treatment. Calculate for yourself the monthly repayments for your treatment by entering the cost in the Chrysalis calculator: